Hi, I’m Matt Warren ⚠️

I like to dabble in a lot of things. At the moment I play a role of CTO on Psychedelic Water – A company that is a real functional alternative to alcohol.

  • The Thesis Behind Psychedelic Water

    I posted this on Twitter a while ago, but this site is a good place to document these thoughts as well: 1. Alternatives to alcohol is a growing market. There is a tailwind here as more people opt-out of consuming alcohol. I believe this is driven from disruption of the bar scene, zoom and video […]

  • Write down what you do

    Doing a little Journaling to document all the things you do in a single day can have an eye opening feeling. Yesterday, at around 5pm I started to write. At first, it felt like I hadn’t done much that day, but as I started to write out all the things that happened the list got […]

  • What I’ve learned about Brand Marketing

    Brand marketing is the process by which a name/image/logo/product is associated for commercial purposes. This process is fundamentally the same as how we understand new words and are able to bring new words into our vocabulary. When we learn new words, we remember them best when there are multiple modalities and existing concepts to which […]

  • A Little Code Goes A Long Way

    Over the last few months my day to day has been dramatically different than the previous 10 years. I’m finding myself doing less coding and more random things. But having the background and experience to quickly put together a python script has unlocked a few things that have shocked my co-workers. One of my recent […]

  • Hitting the Road

    Last year we got the RV and took it on a few trips to get the feel for owning something like it. Lessons learned and we definitely appreciate the benefits of having a RV over tent camping. After having a couple of conversations with people inquiring about RV vs tenting I think the biggest reframe […]

  • Hydroponics

    One of the lessons that have been learned over the last year of covid shutdowns and supply chain disruptions is the value of knowing enough to produce for yourself more of the essential things you need and having some level of self-reliance. In the area of food, not everyone has the ability to grow food […]

  • Playing a Part in Re-Shoring

    One thing that has become abundantly clear over the last year is just how fragile our global supply chain is. Covid lockdowns froze up the train yards and docks creating a shipping backlog, spiking costs and adding delays on all imports hoarding of toilet paper made it a scarse resource Snow in Texas disrupted all […]

  • A Split Testing Conundrum

    One of the big advantages you get in digital marketing and commerce is the ability to programatically deliver unique content to every individual user. With this dynamic nature you can test everything, and in it’s theoretical ideal state, each customer would see exactly the content that would make them buy at the highest price they […]

  • Best Days Of My Life

    Back in the summer of ’69 I was still not born yet, but this year is going to be the beginning of a major shift in how we think about and plan our vacations. Hopefully will be the foundation for many epic summers in the next several years. A couple of months ago we took […]

  • Finding Winners

    There are lots of stats out there about how many businesses fail. It is astounding that something close to 9 out of every 10 businesses fold in just a few years. With each of those businesses there are smart ambitious people with the best of intentions, plans, and money to get things off the ground. […]