Micro-test Everything with Google

Google Adwords LogoI recently opened a Google AdWords account to help drive traffic to this site as well as test out business ideas in the future.

Most people in copy writing realize that the specific words you use in a headline can make or break an ad. Every little aspect of the copy will affect the response rate. Therefore many people writing advertisements in AdWords develop a campaign to test out variations of the wording of their ads. Google makes it easy with their management tools to run multiple versions of an ad and compare the response rates. The result is that you can quickly filter out poorly performing ads and try to figure out what’s working.

Well written ads can drive significantly more traffic to a website and testing variation is an easy way to write better ads.

It’s possible however to use Google AdWords to test just about anything you’d like to get an opinion on. You might want to use Google Ads to test things like:

  • Business name
  • Product ideas
  • Prices
  • Slogans
  • Guarantees

As a example, suppose that I wanted to come up with a new name for a business I was going to start that sells t-shirts. I could whip up a few ads like this:

HalOtis T-Shirts
Quality made in the USA
Look good for summer!

Testy T-Shirts
Quality made in the USA
Look good for summer!

Notice that the only thing that changed was the name of the company; changing other things would sour the results. Run the ads until you get a statistically valuable number to judge the response. Decision made by popular demand! The popular choice here will probably translate into the company that will get better sales.

Consider the test to be an investment. If running a campaign for a week cost $100-$200 and revealed a significantly better name for the company it was probably well invested. If the campaign never got any click through at all, maybe it’s time to re-examine the entire thing, or learn to write better advertisements. (also probably worth the investment)

Google AdWords can be useful for more than just driving traffic to your site. It’s also possible to use it to gauge public reaction to anything you’re interested in. Open your mind to the possibilities.