Birthday Wishes

This week I ticked over another year. It forced me to try and think about a gift I’d like for myself.  It is hard. Truth is that most of what I want are accomplishments – things that take time and effort: build a boat run a successful business play some role in colonizing the moon […]

Personal Cloud

It kind of snuck up on me a bit over the years. I have got a rather decent collection of computers running for various different side projects over the years. At home I run a local NAS file server 24/7 for local backups and as a shared place to access files from other computers and […]

Pinched Nerve

For the last couple of weeks I have been dealing with a pinched nerve in my neck. Then magically, it fixed itself. Pinched nerves are rather annoying, the symptoms I had were not always indicative of where the problem was. For a period of 2 weeks my arm or hands would go numb several times […]

Summer Road Trips

In the depths of winter it is easy to let the mind wander towards thoughts of warm beaches and vacations.  I had been planning to take a trip somewhere warm this winter, but other priorities have gotten in the way, and so we are hunkered down waiting for the cold weather to pass at home. […]

House Hunting

It has been two years since we moved to Ottawa and for those two years we have been renting a house. The idea was two-fold. First, it allowed us to take the money from selling the house and invest it in stocks – increasing the diversity of investments and hopefully getting better returns. Secondly it […]

Skewing Vegetarian

One of the first things I’ve been focused on this year has been to improve my health, starting with my diet. For much of the last few years I had been impressed with the keto approach because it has been effective at controlling my weight. However it seems that it has been negatively affecting my […]