Alexa vs. Google

I got in on the pre-orders for the newly announced Google Home Minis After playing around with the Amazon Alexa for the last few months I wanted to see what the differences would be. It’s clear after just a couple of days with the Google Home in the house that it is MUCH better. Google […]

New Car

It took nearly 4 months from the time we made a down payment at the Kia dealership until taking possession of our new Kia Niro.  It didn’t seem like it was that exotic of a car that it takes 1/3rd of a year to deliver one.  But now we have what is probably the only […]

Not Infallible

I’ve been reading the Walter Isaacson biography of Benjamin Franklin which is quite insightful both in terms of the genius of the man himself, and the historical perspective. One trait he had which I think I also share is a healthy appreciation of my own and everyone else’s fallibilities. In my world view the human body […]

Re-watching Star Trek

For the last couple of months I have been watching Star Trek again – Next Generation, Enterprise and Voyager so far. There were two things that really struck me coming back to watch them again after all these years. There’s a lot of episodes. Star Trek Voyager – 172 Episodes The Next Generation – 178 […]

Learning to Cruise

I did a last minute signup for a Basic Cruising Sailing course last week and just finished a full weekend of sailing on the Ottawa River while learning more theory.  It was one of my goals for the year to take another sailing course. It was nice to see that my muscle memory and habits […]

Sci-Fi Dreams

Last night I had an interesting and perhaps prescient dream about the future transition to automation. No doubt inspired by watching ‘Ghost in the Shell’ before bed. In my dream I was being lectured about buying a shirt at full price when everyone was telling me about some fantastic sale they’d seen – $5 shirts […]

Vacation in Newfoundland

It’s always nice to see family and friends again. Summer is the best time to visit Newfoundland due to the warm sun and persistent cool breeze. Every time I come back to the island I get a new perspective of things that I didn’t really see when I was younger and growing up here. The […]