5 Day Water Fast

On Wednesday I had the final meal and kicked off what was supposed to be a 5 day fast only consuming water and a couple cups of tea. Day 1: The first day of the fast was ok, I didn’t feel hungry per say until the evening.  However I did notice that much of my […]

Bot Trading Final Thoughts

My software project for February was a stock trading bot that made trades based on twitter feeds. It was an interesting project that gave me a chance to learn a few new things. I had the chance to apply a couple of machine learning techniques.  In particular using natural language processing to perform sentiment analysis and […]

Forex Trading

Over the last 4 weeks I have quietly been doing some learning about how to trade on the forex markets.  I read through a few books, dug through content on YouTube and started to practice trading with some play accounts.  It took a couple weeks to get a real account with a small amount of […]

What to do next?

This Journaling exercise turned out to be too effective at helping me get things done. Since last week, I’m now struggling to find easy tasks to put on my daily to do list.  There’s little left to do around the house and the office is clean and productive.  Just 4 weeks into this and I […]

A Vacation week at Home

This past week I used up some vacation days which went unused last year.  I took the chance to do some tech upgrades. I’m in the process of selling my old MacBook Air and dealing with disappearing people on Kijiji for that.  Meanwhile I upgraded my desktop computer to an SSD and put it in […]