So This term is turning around. I went to my first class of User Interfaces.. It’s going to be my favorite class. I think it’ll make the term. I’ll be learning Xlib and improving my C skills, two things that will help me learn some of the things that I’ve wanted to do for some time now. I’ll have to buy the book for that class.

I’ve been looking for tech companies in St. John’s that hire students. There are not many.

no response from my resumes that I sent off yesterday. I’m assuming that they filed them away for when they do the hiring.

I’ve been wondering if donating my time to an open source project would be considered for valid volunteer work. That’s something that I think I will get into very soon. But it’s hard to do anything with a dial-up connection to the internet.

It is again far too cold around here, and they don’t have the nice tunnel system here like there is at MUN. And so I’m not looking foreword to the walk home.