And to think I was so optimistic about actually getting through this term without having to deal with any bureaucracy. But alas I am not so lucky. It seems my loan will not be coming for at least a month, bye bye new laptop, and my employer from the summer is trying to swindle more money from me. I guess I should have expected as much. But I shouldn’t complain, at least I have enough money to finish out the term. And maybe It’ll give me time to find a better laptop deal… I heard there are some cheap 64bit models coming out from eMachines.

On the bright side, I got my first assignment for UI and it looks like it’ll be fun. We get to write an interactive game with graphics.

I’ve got a Stats quiz today. That’ll be a breeze. I don’t even know why I bother going to the classes for that course.

Still hunting around for work, I found out about a company called Infotech Canada, that I’ll have to send my resume off to sometime soon. And I’m thinking I’ll probably apply to Hydro, and some of the other utility companies.