I’m feeling a bit better than I was yesterday, especially after I bought the DVD box set for the first two seasons of The Family Guy. I spied it yesterday in the SLC (Student Life Centre) at the “flea market” that frequently makes it difficult to walk through the building. Anyway I watched the first couple of episodes last night, and laughed, and laughed. That gives me a good 10 hours of video to watch on my free time.

Something that I came to realize only recently is how much food can influence mood and behavior. And I wouldn’t have been able to pick up on some of these things if I was living at home. Right now I have total control over everything that I eat, and because there is not a lot of room in my fridge for storing a vast variety of foods, my meals tend to stay the same for many days in a row. Some things that I’ve noticed are chocolate actually does make me happier, but it’s followed by a lull shortly after I run out. Bread => pimples. Sugar => energy. Maybe it’s weirder that I never noticed these things before.

Sent off another resume to InfoTech Canada today. They do .NET stuff… webpages, and various other things. They probably have a few nice jobs… We’ll see. I’ll send another resume to ZedIT tomorrow.

I’m started considering starting a business over the summer, the problem is that I can’t really expect to make any money in the first 4 months of a new business. I’ve been tinkering with the thought that it might be possible to create some pretty powerful software products for ad-hoc wireless networks. Automatic message passing, updating RSS feeds, check/send email, share contacts, etc etc.

Another Idea is to create some technology to help companies manage teams of people located internationally… Do the full deal- payroll to communication mediums. Really make it easy for a company to become international and hire/manage people around the world.

That’s it for now, I’ve got to spend the next 30mins reading XLib docs before making use of my term pass for mathsoc movie night. Tonight they’re showing American Wedding and Johnny English.