I decided to take post up some of my old notes that I did last term when I had nothing better to do on a Friday night. Some of it is relatively interesting. I’ll put up a bit at a time cause there’s quite a bit of writing.

My Top 5 Places to Live in order

1. The south of France – In a villa on the Mediterranean Sea just a couple hours train ride to the Alps for some skiing. Sailing on warm Azure water over to Italy and Greece. Vacations to Spain for some crazy parties. And just a short flight to the deserts of Northern Africa.

2. British Columbia – Enjoy to warm pacific currents right here in Canada. See Killer Whales, and all that Vancouver has to offer. Skiing in the Rockies. Biking through forests of old growth forests. And motorcycling the twisty roads through the Rockies.

3. Newfoundland – Home to friends and family, good times, and good memories.

4. New Zealand – Nice city, but quickly go up to the sub-tropical north, with the jungles. Then there’s the south.. With snow covered mountains and great skiing. Breath taking views, bungee jumping, and sky diving, boating and surfing. Plus it’s just across the way from Australia, and Malaysia.

5. California – The home of Tech, and Movies. Warm beaches and Bikinis. Surfing, and twisty roads along the coast. Drive to Vegas, do a Start-up, be an extra in a movie, spot the stars.

Notable Others Never quite made the list.

Caribbean Islands – Beautiful seas, and beaches. Wonderful boating trips. No skiing.

Brazil – An up and comer, lots of opportunity.

Capetown – An interesting place, the star of Africa. Seems like there’s a lot to see that North America just can’t compare with.

London/Edinburgh – Nice cities, lots of history, good concerts, and culture, and good clubs. Easy to take the chunnel to Paris or catch a flight to Dublin.

Ireland – Nice people, music, pubs. Dublin has lots to offer…Fun times to be had.