I got my game pretty much finished, and I’m just tuning it up and cleaning up the code. I’m pleased with it.

I’ve been thinking a lot over the past couple of days after Jamie recommeded that I start working on one of the many projects. And after I read the cover story for the new Wired magazine issue, and the latest blog entry from Nat Friedman, I’m psyched up to do something really cool and innovative. The problem is what idea should I pursue, what new and innovative piece of code could I write that would immediately vault me into stardom. Or at least look stunning on my resume. I thought I’d share with you all of the ideas that I’ve made note of in recent history.

1 A game framework, 3d engine, AIs, physics models, etc built into a package and sold to companies that want to build games cheaply and quickly. I think people are already doing this though.

2 Organizational software that could tie together all of the different pieces of information and people that are working on a common project or on the same team. It would keep everything from ICQ and MSN contacts, IRC chats, e-mail, code, PowerPoint, and Documents, whiteboards, Blogs, newsgroups…etc all working together to create cohesive and informed team members and managers.

3 A connection database that helps to connect companies with potential customers, as well as suppliers. The aim being to reduce research costs associated with marketing analysis, or making business contacts. It would be global and therefore boost trade. And allow smaller businesses to quickly become global.

4 A small agent to inspire and encourage people to work harder, exercise, or meet goals.

5 Seeing as how the next wave after knowledge work will have to be creative work. I think anything that makes it easier for the average person to record their band or create art. Or for them to market and trade their stuff will be good.

6 I was thinking that it might be possible to do some interesting things with microphones. If you had a series of cheap mics and each was specifically placed within a 3D space it might be possible to get all the signals to reinforce each other until ultimately you get a very strong and high quality signal. It would also be possible to echo-locate the exact position of the sound you want and filter out everything else. Or maybe map a room by sound.

7 Something else.

I’ve been finding more and more that the things I want to learn and do are not purely technical but are more creative, business oriented, or fun. The things I want to do are learn how to win at Blackjack, record some music, write a movie script, and start a company. I’m now looking at software as being an outlet for invention rather than a just skill for the working world.

I think that one major thing to keep in mind with any innovative project is that in 10 years computers might well be 500 times faster. What could you do with all that extra speed? Nothing out there today is pushing the limits including games. Back when 386es were the rage, a month after you bought it the games required something faster. Now a new computer will last quite a bit longer before becoming obsolete. Before software was pushing hardware, now software lags. What will be the next ideas in software to push that hardware to the limit? What is possible with a computer 500 times faster than the one on your desk? That’s where I want to go.