I’ve decided to start working on a new piece of software in my free time. I’m calling it “Project TeamWork”, which I will be, ironically, working on alone. It has element of many of the things that I wanted to work on, I’ll have to learn C#, write a daemon and client, with network based communication. It’s an application that will fit into the class of apps that I would call “Things you never knew you needed”. I’ll start working on a webpage for it, and do some mockups of how I think it’ll work.

I bought a couple of books today on Amazon I got a C# Programming book and an XML book. They were both cheap, and seemed like good books.

my game is finished and handed in.

Good news on the student loan front. I made some headway and found out that they won’t accept forms filled out in pencil, so I’m resending some documents. Hopefully I’ll hear some good news in a month or so.