Back at it again. And with at least 3 months ahead of me of crappy winter weather I am not looking foreward to the walk to school for my 8:30am class.

The trip back was fairly eventful, delays at every stop. It was tight to catch my flight out of Toronto. When I reached London, they hit me with the news that my luggage was lost en transit, that was unfortunate, and I thought I left my bus ticket in my luggage. So I took a limo to the bus station in downtown London and bought a ticket. But just as I was about to leave the station to get on the bus, for which I was actually 5 minutes late to catch I saw the back end of it taking off. discouraged and about to hunker down for the 2 1/2 hour wait for the next bus a nice couple offered me a ride. They were heading for kitchener. I couldn’t turn it down. So I got a refund for the ticket and hopped in their van. The old man did 140 the entire trip so it saved me quite a bit of money and time… the 2 hour bus ride took 1 hour. We had a nice conversation for most of the trip. They dropped me off at Fairview park mall and I took the city bus the rest of the way home. And I didn’t have to carry my 20kg suitcase with me, which was nice.

At this point I have attended most of my classes… everything except french (tonight). and it seems that this term might not be as bad as I thought it might. Databases looks good, Scientific Computing.. ok, Stats.. rough, Programming Languages.. hard, and French.. easy. Actually it probably won’t be that fun.

I put up a page for my photos today, I wrote a little python script to generate the html page for all the pictures. It doesn’t look very good. In fact it looks like shit but whatever, it was nice to do a little python again and it only took 10mins. I’ll try to put a link to them from my blog.

As soon as I get my student loan for this term I will be making a purchace for my laptop. though I came across one problem. my credit limit is at $1000 so I can’t really buy it online which is what I wanted to do especially since the C$ is so strong that it could save me hundreds of dollars. I’m wondering if I can put a balence on my card and then charge more on it.

I got my luggage this morning the courier came with it at about 9:30. so I had some clean underwear for today. and I’ll set up my webcam tonight, and get everything organized again.