Well, today was one of those days when you wish you had a car to drive across the street. Southern Ontario is brutal in the winter, the sun was inviting but the wind was burning and so my short walk to class this morning turned into a painful experience. It was so cold I got brain freeze from breathing. It was so cold I thought my nose and cheeks were at risk of falling off.

Anyway, after the first week of class I already am falling behind, if you can imagine that… The first weekend of the term and I have to spend it doing assignments and reading over everything that flew way over my head during the lectures. So here’s what I have to grasp over the weekend:

1. lamda-calculus…. one class and we’re expected to understand it.

2. Scheme programming… I’ll have to teach it to myself. I never liked functional languages

3. Polynomial-piecewise-interpolation

4. Review of linear algebra

5. Catch up with reading on databases… The only thing I’m looking foreword to.

I changed my mind, this term sucks already. I’m going to make sure that my last two terms are nothing but fun courses.

I’ve got my laptop list down to 3 books:

1. eMachines M5312 ….everything I want for a price I can afford, but must get it from the US.

2. Compaq x1000 series ….less of a deal than the eMachines but available at futureshop.

3. IBM R40 (with centrino) …..excellent performance, 5.5hour battery life

As soon as I get my student loan…..