I’ve been doing a little bit of reading about getting my motorcycle license here in Ontario, just in case I end up staying here for school for the spring term. Turns out in Ontario the motorcycle license is really easy to get compared to back home in Newfoundland. They have a graduated program here, but unlike NF I can get my license without needing to know someone else with a license. I can write a written and visual test to get the M1, that gives me a license that I can use to ride a motorcycle by myself on the streets, but not highways or at night. That license lasts 3 months. I can do a one weekend training course for $330+tax here in K-W that will upgrade my license to a M2 after 2 months with the M1 license. The only restriction with an M2 is zero alcohol. So it’s basically a full license. The M2 license lasts upto 5 years, but anytime after 18 months I can do another course to upgrade it to a full M license. That seems much nicer than NF where the course is about $600 and takes several weeks, then the permit requires that you have another qualified motorcyclist drive behind you at all times while learning, which may be safer but not practical for people that don’t have friends with their license.

That means that if I stay here for the summer term I may be able to take the time to get my license. And if the used market is anything like it was last year, I might even be able to buy a motorcycle. Though I may have to go with a cheaper laptop in order to have enough money for the safety gear that I’ll need to buy.

I have to send out some more resumes this week. I still haven’t heard back anything from anywhere I’ve applied. I’m starting to feel that NF is just as dead as it’s always been.

I’ll have to apply for a student loan for the spring term just in case I don’t find any work for the summer. I’m thinking that I’ll probably get a job between terms to make a couple hundred dollars. Maybe some factory work again. Just to fill the gap. Though I could take a trip home.