Dad gave me a bunch of companies to apply to for summer jobs. So I sent off 4 or 5 resumes yesterday mostly to marine technology companies. Maybe I’ll get lucky.

If I don’t end up getting a job back home, I’ve started to think about the courses that I’m going to take next term. I’ve thought about what is making this term so tedious and it’s because my courses are all uninteresting. I’ve decided to jump right in and take all the good courses regardless of how difficult or how much time they will take. That means I’ll probably take all of the big 3 courses here at UW. Those are the courses that require you to set up a bed in the computer lab. But in the end I will be able to say that I wrote a Compiler and a Ray tracer and a Real-Time kernel from scratch. That’s something that I don’t think many MUN students can say. Taking into account that I have to take 7 more CS courses in 2 terms all of which are 4th level courses. Even the geniuses around wouldn’t take this many courses.

I’m working on a way to finance a motorcycle for this summer. I think it would be awesome to have a way to do a bit of exploring there are some nice backroads around that go through the farm land just north of Waterloo. I’d love to have the ability to take a trip to see some of the things that are close by. And in southern Ontario everything is pretty close by. I might have to go with a cheaper laptop than I wanted, but I figure that I can find something that will do what I need on eBay for about $900. Then as long as I they don’t consider my student loan this term to be an over award I should have enough to get a bike, gear and a license this year. With my tax refund, and money I make between terms I should be able to get something decent. And by decent I mean 20 years old.