I almost wasn’t going to do a post today. I’ve got a Stats test tomorrow that requires my time.

I’m pleased again with the service from amazon.ca. The books that I ordered arrived today. Not bad considering they sent them yesterday. I started reading my XML book, and am so far impressed.

I took a few pictures of my room, with the intention of putting them up here. But I’m not sure that I will anymore because they make me look like a poor slob living in some shanty town.

Still no word from any employers or student loan people.

Here’s a thoughtful list composed by my brother:


1 do everything off this list that you don’t think you will do.

2 fix that nagging alcohol dependency problem

3 make something hideous and put it on your front lawn. Make the neighbors really scratch their heads

4 build a small torture machine (handheld if possible)

5 build a card chip programmer

6 learn how to make fake moustaches/beards EST.

7 get yourself a good beard trimmer, give yourself a mohawk/die hair with koolaid, then shave your beard in a new and interesting pattern

8 buy motorcycle

9. Get a gf (if the bar scene isn’t for you, check out the meet me section of hotornot.com….you can search by area)

10 seriously look into getting a tattoo

11 buy clothes from all over the globe

12 play darts on your roommates’ pictures…

13 then find a silly reason to buy your favorite roommate a half-case…If he doesn’t want it, force him.

14 write a long article on your website entitled “The Importance of Not Being Seen”

15 write an article about me…Dear ol’ james

16 on valentines day, wear all bright pink fleece


18 say something extremely optimistic everyday

19 take a mystery shit somewhere…..very liberating

20 find the nearest mechanical bull and master it.