It’s nice to see the weather starting to show signs of spring. It’s getting a little warmer now, and there was a bit of rain just a couple of days ago. Unlike back in NF the weather doesn’t fluctuate so wildly here. I’m hoping then that the snow will start melting away and I’ll be able to ride my bike to school again.

The trip with Lisa is getting post-poned, which will probably be for the best because I have a bunch of assignments to finish over the weekend anyway.

I’m going to apply for a student loan for the spring term today. If I don’t get a job for the summer I’ll stick around here. The biking around here is good, but it’ll probably get really hot around here. Finding a good place to live in the summer is probably going to be easy, my impression from last summer was that there are a lot of people that sign 12 month leases but then take off for the summer. So it becomes a renters market, and the prices go through the floor. On the other hand, finding a place for the following September for one term might be hard without going for something far away or expensive. But since it’ll be my last term, so long as I can afford the place I think I’ll go all out and get something livable. I’m thinking of switching to a cell phone for my last two terms, even though I have no one to call, a home phone is pretty much useless for someone trying to contact me.

I’ve noticed that since starting to write in this blog my typing speed has improved dramatically. I guess I’m kind of surprised by that because I practically live on computers for the whole day regardless of whether I was doing this site or not. It’s a benefit that I wasn’t expecting to get from this page.

MathSoc is showing two movies tonight: Radio,and Men with Honor. I haven’t seen either of them so I’ll probably stick around to watch them.