So I wrote a long entry into this Blog earlier this morning, but just before I was going to start my spell check and post it. Bam! Mozilla crashed on me. Despite the University of Waterloo having a good reputation in Computer Science, the facilities here are crap. They never update the software, and thin clients are a horrible idea, always have been and always will be no matter what Sun tries to say about them. This is why I need a laptop. I can’t rely on their system to be stable enough for me to work on a major project. Beyond that, they don’t have any of the software that would help me be more productive. There are no IDEs, I mean the default window manager is twm the libraries installed on these systems are about 10 years old, which means that to install a new app on my precious little diskquota I have to also use space to install the libraries it needs. Their system is so slow that I have to run multiple copies of Mozilla to keep up with what I want to do. And then as soon as Mozilla starts to use more than 256megs of memory(not hard if there’s a java applet like ICQ running) the server will just kill my process. Seeing as how there is only about 1-2gigs of memory on the big Sun boxes and 30-40 people it wouldn’t be very nice of me to hack my profile to allow me to use more memory. If only I didn’t have to rely on these pieces of junk for everything.

While I’m on my rant here, I’ll say a couple of words about the library, which is shit. Or maybe I was spoiled by MUN and didn’t realize how good it was. There are numerous thousands of students currently enrolled in Math and CS at UW, it is the largest single faculty here. It would stand to reason that the library should hold a good selection of reasonably new books. That is not the case. When I look at the book stacks in the library I see about half the amount of books that are in the MUN section (which serves only a couple hundred students). And of the books that they hold the majority are from the 70’s and 80’s which are just taking up shelf space. Try to find a book on Python… Nothing, XML… Nothing, C#…One outdated book, PHP, ASP, mySQL, .NET…. Nodda. Beyond that, there is never any room to sit in the place, back at MUN there was the silent area where people were actually courteous enough to be quiet. Here the library is an over staffed mess, there’s never any seats available to study at, and even if you manage to find a spot you have to contend with people’s walkmans, and cellphones, and talking. I just need a place to sit down and read in peace and quite, it that too much to ask?


I saw Radio last night. Good flick. And Men of Honor, was alright but it had some character problems.

I’ve decided to ignore my doubts about TeamWork and I’m deciding to just do it. If it turns into a piece of crap I’ll consider it a proof of concept, publish it on the web and let other people try to fix it. I think I’m going to write it in c#, because I really want to get a feel for the language.

I’m becoming a bit obsessed with getting a motorcycle this summer. Even when walking I’ll cock my wrist and imagine feeling the rush of acceleration as I go into a turn. Yes, this summer I will do everything possible to get myself a bike. It is my second highest priority right now next to the laptop. I’ve been checking the classifieds recently but there doesn’t seem to be any listings… Not hard to believe since there’s still about 2 feet of snow.

The weather really turned around today, and it was warm enough to go out without a coat on. The sidewalks are covered in slush, and things seem to be starting to melt. That’s a great sign, I can’t wait to be able to get my bike out of the garage.