I’m getting disgusted with my courses now. I don’t have any assignments due for 2 weeks now… What am I supposed to do? Without the stress of looming due dates I feel somewhat unmotivated.

I’m surprised with my devotion to my Scientific Computation class. Three times a week I get up at 7am to make it to a course where the teacher puts me to sleep with his habit of continuously beating a trivial topic until it becomes confusing. Like today he spent 5 minutes trying to say that a nested For loop was O(n^2) as if we had never seen anything like it before. I was practically crying… Say it already! And move your ass onto the next topic! I hate the course, and still go to it every morning at 8:30.

Try taking calcium supplements, I’m taking 600mg/day now, and what a difference it makes. It’s surprising but it really makes me feel more awake for the entire day. I was originally taking them because I was worried about my teeth.

I have to write a web based interface for a database that allows searches through a bartenders guide. That should be a nice little project, and I’ll be able to use some of the XML and CSS that I’m reading about in my new book. It’s an interesting assignment.

I also received my User Interfaces term project over the weekend. We have to evaluate a text editor called Wiley, which is based on Plan9 editor from AmigaOS. It’s a really strange piece of software and I haven’t yet figured out how to do anything with it.

I figured out that I should probably be looking into ways to make money. And so after a moments thought I’ve decided to leave project Teamwork for another time, and instead I’m going to work on some of the bounty work being offered by Novell, and Gnome. They may not be the best ways to make money but it seems like a good way to get some experience, and do some interesting work. The problem is that I have to learn how to use a lot of the libraries. And many of the bounties are for integrating various projects so I’d have to become familiar with multiple code bases.

I also found an interesting scholarship that asks for something to be contributed in the way of GIS technology. So if anyone can give me an idea for that, I’ll share some of the spoils when I win. I doubt there would be much competition so the odds are in my favor.