I couldn’t sleep last night. My mind was racing till around 3:30am. I’m considering the possibility of doing freelance, consulting, and/or bounty work over the summer if the job scene gives me another cold shoulder. Even though I think it’d be nice to be in southern Ontario for the summer… There’s lots of exploring that I can do around here. Getting away from classes for a while would be nice too.

I was thinking that I could use the MUN library as an office, and go in every morning early to grab a study cube and hack all day. It’d be convenient, quiet, there’s lots of reference books available, and internet access. From my research, it seems like there’s work that I can do, but there’s no stable pay if I do bounty work. However there doesn’t seem to be many people working on them seriously, and the bounties go as high as US$2500 for something that would probably take a couple weeks work. A couple of those would make my summer.

Freelance, and Consulting would be far more difficult, because not many people would hire a student with my lack of experience for consulting work, so I’d have to cut prices. I’d also be forced to look global for contracts because NF is not going to have much need for my services. That fact means that the barrier to entry is going to be higher than it would have otherwise. Of course I could develop my own application/service/technology and try to sell it. But that leaves me without income for too long.

In the end I’ll have to think about it some more. And maybe I’ll hear about a job opening, or feel more enthusiastic about schooling for the summer. Or think of a killer way to make money.


The weather today is great. It’s warm enough to start melting the snow, and there’s some heat coming from the sun again.

The computer store was demoing Apple’s GarageBand software today. Looks like fun.