I have a databases midterm this afternoon. And I’ll have to skip my French class to write it. Databases is a strange course because, about half of the people in the class have used databases extensively during co-op work terms and could practically teach the course, and the other half (me included) have never touched them before. So while some people can rip through the assignments, It can take me 30mins to figure out how to write the right SQL query. It’s a testament to the importance of practice and experience.

Lots of assignments to start on this weekend, and hopefully finish before the reading days next week. Yes for some reason Math/CS/Engineering student here only get 2 days for reading week while the rest of campus takes the full week off. But we get those 3 days off before final exams start.

I’m still reading my XML book, it’s a good read for a technical manual and reference. I’ve gotten a lot of things straightened out in my understanding of how it all fits together now.

Still no word on jobs or money…. I’m still working on a plan.