I came across the information yesterday that if I finish my program in December, I’ll still have to wait until June for the graduation. Does this matter? I mean after I finish do I have my degree, or do I have to wait until convocation? I don’t know how these things work. And now I realize that in a year, I’ll be out of school or almost out. What should I do then? My plan was to find a job and do some traveling. But right now I’m feeling a little uncomfortable about leaving all this behind me and moving on. Then I look at other people that are going on to do a masters, or a second undergrad degree, and wonder if that is a better path to take. If I took another undergrad degree what would it be? Alternatively I could do a trade, or technical degree. I guess what I’m looking for is something different, something that says “This guy is a computer scientist and a _______, Wow he’s a perfect fit for our company.”

I’m feeling a little desperate for a laptop. My PC is just not much use to me right now, because I can’t use it for my homework, I can’t read anything on the net with it… It’s basically become a music and DVD player.

I’ve got another mid-term on Monday, UIs. Hard to say what’s even going to be tested on this one. The course feels like an arts course with CS assignments. And like all arts courses I’ve taken I’ve never been able to determine what the testable material is.

I’m still in shock of my databases midterm mark.