I took the time today to watch TombRaider: Cradle of Life.. Every time I watch the movie it annoys me more because there are so many holes in the plot, inconsistent acting, time malfunctions, and bad camera angles. I also took the time to learn a bit more about vi, and it’s about time. I’ve been using for over 4 years now and I never bothered learning how to use anything beyond the newbie features. So I played around with that for a while and learned a few things that will help to improve my efficiency.

I did a bit more with my databases web site, exercising my new XHTML, and CSS skills. Neat to finally know how to properly code webpages. I’m thinking I might try to re-do my photo archive when I find the time. Right now the page is autogenerated from a small python script, I think I might just expand on it to create a bunch of smaller pages with about 10 thumbnails. I should be able to whip that up in a couple of minutes. Maybe I’ll do it tonight when I get home.

I might be going into London tomorrow to hang out with Lisa for a few days, I’ll be talking with her tonight to sure up any possible plans. So I may be away from this for a couple of days.