It’s one of those days… I’ve realized that I should have done more work on my assignments before going away for the weekend. Now I have a big assignment due on Tuesday (unstarted) and a bigger one due Thursday (1/4 done). Plus I’m going to see Ian Write on Wednesday evening. That doesn’t leave me very much time to finish my work. And so I’m planning on staying on campus late tonight and tomorrow.

The trip to London was alright, it was for the most part a quiet weekend, Lisa and I went to a couple of bars and we watched The Last Samurai, good movie. I was sucked into watching TV for a couple hours a day. It’s been so long since I’ve had a television, they are for the most part a waste of valuable time. And it will be a long time before I subscribe for television service. Yeah so it was a relaxing couple of days, and I meet a few people. All in all well worth it.

Still no word on my student loan, which is starting to really annoy me. For some reason I find the mail service is horribly unreliable I’ve lost 4 or 5 things in the mail since I’ve been here. I have no trust in the registrars office to do anything because they’ve messed up on my twice, once losing my application, and then again when they forgot to send away something for me. It’s getting late for me to be dealing with getting my student loan and these incompetent people are not helping. It’s going to get tight next month if I haven’t received any money by then.