Things are still a bit hectic. I’m still working some bugs out of Drinktomi but I should be able to pull it all together by tomorrow. My stats quiz was a disaster again.

The Ian Wright talk is in a couple of hours, so I’m getting psyched up for that. And I have a French test tomorrow that I haven’t looked at yet. There’s another cool talk by Marcel Gagne on Monday about Linux, he has a popular column in the Linux journal every month.

There’s this neat program I checked out today called NetCorps, it is a volunteer program funded by the federal government to send people to developing countries to work on various IT and Communication technology projects. It’s something that I was thinking I could do this summer, but after reading more about it and looking at my situation I think that it would be better for me to do it after I pay off my student loan.

Anyway I have to go eat supper.