Somehow I have to manage to hack together a good user interface by Thursday in a language I haven’t used in years using toolkits and APIs that I am not familiar with. Doable but I also have a 20% component that requires doing impressive things above and beyond the assignment as stated. I foresee some late nights this week.

It’s almost t-shirt weather here today. The snow is quickly disappearing and the sun is hot. And its still February! I have to get my bike tuned up sometime this week and go for a ride.

I was considering seeing ROTK tomorrow matinee but I can’t afford to take 4 hours out of my day. Hopefully it’ll still be in the theatre next weekend.

Looks like I’m out of luck on my laptop, I think tigerdirect sold out of the model I wanted. Just have to hope that they’ll get more in when I finally get my student loan.

The thought occurred to me last night that I might be able to get a minor in French. But a quick check showed that I was a bit ambitious. I did find out that I could get a French Certificate with 3 more French courses. So I think if I get a job for the summer I’ll be doing my next French course by distance. As for my job, I haven’t heard anything back from all the resumes that I sent out. I don’t think that I’ll be getting anything now… At least not without the help of some good contacts. I really don’t know now what I’m going to do. I’ll have to do a feasibility study about my business plan for the summer very soon. I think I’ll have to make a decision about my own business by the end of March. If I don’t have a solid plan or job offer by then I’ll be staying here for the summer. I would say that I would wait till the last minute but I’ll have to find a place to live and so as soon as I find a sublet I’ll be stuck here. And I don’t want to wait until the last minute to find a place to live.

My diet is really strange this term, and the physiological effects of my diet are intriguing. I’m feeling really good this term.