What a midterm that was. It’s 9pm and I just got out of my Scientific Computation exam. It was Open book!! What’s up with that? Ordinarily you’d say that an open book exam should be so long that you don’t have time to look anything up, but that wasn’t’ the case here. I finished the 2 hour exam in 1 and looked back over it I was able to copy answers right out of the text. I am completely unimpressed with this course. But I’ll get a decent mark in it.

I’ve got to do a lot of java programming until Thursday trying to hack together a working swing application. It’s an absolute mess, and I don’t know what I’m doing with it… I think it’ll be a long night. I think my issues about Java are because the compiler javac isn’t very good at displaying errors, so a missing semi-colon can result in 5 or 6 syntax errors getting reported. I guess I’ll have to get good at it because I’m probably going to be debugging Java code all summer.