I have some good news again today. My student loan was issued on the 4th so I’ll probably be able to pick up my funds sometime this week. I’ll finally be able to get my laptop, though now I’m not sure if it is a good time to buy one. The last couple weeks of term doesn’t seem like a great time to get a new toy. I was also thinking of ordering some motorcycle stuff as I come across some good deals and before riding season starts. There are some really good deals on eBay for that sort of thing. But I don’t want more stuff to have to pack up and send home for the summer. I might buy it and have it sent to St. John’s.

So sometime over the next couple of weeks I’m going to go out to one of the motorcycle shops around town and figure out what sizes I’ll be needing for helmets and gloves and stuff.

The snow has come back again. It has been snowing all day so there’s about an inch of it. Hopefully we’ll get a bit of sun this week and start to see some green again.

Cut my hair this morning…. Wearing a hat this afternoon.

Studied Stats for a couple of hours today. It’s not that hard, just incredibly boring. I’m going to try to ace the final, because stats is currently my worst course.