Today is the start of another busy week. I don’t think I should have spent all of Saturday watching TV. Now I have an assignment and a quiz tomorrow, another test on Wednesday, and an assignment on Thursday. I’ve come to the nice conclusion that I have finally learned how to do work. I do and am good at studying. I think I just enjoy what I’m doing so much that it doesn’t feel like study.

So before tonight is finished I hope to have finished a simple matlab program that can perform an image compression based on Fast Fourier Transforms. Which is similar to the way that jpeg works. It’s not nearly as hard as you might think. Probably just 10-20 lines of code.

There is a little Chinese restaurant in the cafeteria in the Computer Science building here. They make this chicken and broccoli dish… I think I’m addicted.

I’ve heard there is still 10 feet of snow on the ground back home… that sucks. There’s only an inch here.

I’m thinking of what notebook I should get now that the deal I had lined has expired. I’m thinking about the 12inch ibook g4’s… very cute little machines, and well engineered, and it comes with a UNIX based OS where everything just works. There are lots of people around here that have them.