I wasn’t expecting any birthday presents but I got one. The mystery of my missing mail has finally been solved. So all those things that I thought I had lost are now found. I got my hat, knife and watch that mom sent at the beginning of term. I got all the telephone bills that I missed. And I got the notice from back in November that said I made a mistake on my student loan form… That one cost me getting my laptop in January.

I went to a Computer Science Club talk today about setting up config files on CVS. An interesting idea that I might try out sometime.

There was some bad news today though. There is a talk by Brian Kernighan next Thursday that I wanted to go to but I found out that I can’t because it is at the same time as a French class. Normally I’d skip class for something like this but I have a test on exactly that day. What a bummer.

Monday was the first day for registering for classes for me. I haven’t yet, but I think I’m going to register for another French class that’s offered by distance. The bad thing about that is it costs a lot to do the one course. The benefit is that I’ll graduate with a French Certificate, and I’ll be able to take 4 classes/term for my last two terms.

Another thing that I’ve noted recently that I wanted to share is that my spelling has improved a lot from doing this blog.