My loan never arrived today. It should have been sent last Thursday so it was wishful thinking that it might have gotten here already. I’ll check again on Friday. Then maybe order the laptop then.

All the assignments due this week are now finished so I think I’ll have the time to watch a couple of movies playing tomorrow night. MathSoc is showing Stuck On You, and something else. Hopefully RoTK is still in theatres and I can go see the matinee on Saturday.

My next little bit of work is to design an entity relationship diagram for a database. Then there’s the French oral presentation. And an evaluation of a programming editor called Wily. There’s lots of study to be done.

I have to start looking for a place to live next September, and see if I can find a place to store a box or two of my stuff for the summer. I started checking the listings and there doesn’t seem to be too many places starting to advertise for September yet. Maybe I’ll get lucky and find something. There’s also a bunch of things that I need to send home that I don’t use anymore. If I find the time I’ll try to fill a box and bring it by the post office.

The weather around here was great today. It’s really starting to warm up. There’s only a few small piles of snow left. All the birds seem to be back too.