So it finally arrived yesterday. I am now the owner of a new laptop computer. I spent a couple of hours yesterday trying to set it up and getting things installed on it. But after I was finished I realized that Windows sucks, so tonight I’m going to be installing Linux on it and make it usable. It’s a very nice laptop though. The screen is awesome, the sound is good, and it has lots of power, plenty of ram and hard disk space. Over all I’m very impressed with the purchase, although it is a bit heavy for bringing to school every day.

Last night I watched Master and Commander. Not a bad movie, the plot was strange in that the beginning wasn’t a beginning and the end wasn’t an ending. The movie was more of a slice out of the timeline, which was actually a neat way to do it.

Oh, the results of the pi day contest were posted in the school paper today. The winner of the pi reciting contest knew 353 digits of pi! That is a feat.

I missed the talk by Brian Kernighan yesterday, I could have gone because I finished my French test early but never. I heard it was an excellent talk about what educated people should know about computers, real basic stuff, but delivered well. Now I regret not going.

So, I’ll be in the lab late tonight compiling Gentoo on my laptop. No better way to spend a Friday night in my opinion. You’ll probably be able to find me on ICQ and msn all evening.