I’m writing an essay today for my UI course. It’s not often that there are writing assignments in CS. It’s a 1500 word evaluation of a text editor called Wily. Interesting in some ways but scary is many more because it’s worth 20% of our final mark.

I’ve been missing some days of posting on this site recently. Mostly because I’m busy with other things now that there’s only one week left of classes. It’s a very busy week because all my classes want to have their last assignments due this week.

I’ve been enjoying the free wireless access provided throughout school, it’s allowed me to start downloading movies from Jamie’s collection. I can finally grab some new music for my collection.

I still haven’t started looking for a place to live for September, what makes it harder to do is that I don’t know what I will be able to afford after the summer.

I still have to contact Consilient about my job to see that everything is alright on their side, and see if I should refresh myself on anything before I start working this summer.

busy busy busy bye.