I had my last Stats quiz for the term today. I think it was the best one yet… but that’s not saying much.

The UI assignment that I’m working on today is supposed to be a program something like illustrator. You can draw basic shapes in the window and then resize, translate, rotate, and reflect the shapes. It’s proving to be harder than I thought it would be. And it’s due tomorrow… Not looking good. I also have a French quiz tomorrow, and another CS assignment due on Friday that I haven’t read yet.

It’s going to be a late night tonight, and a long day tomorrow.

Good thing I got my other UI assignment done yesterday. That’s the interface evaluation. I didn’t have too much difficulty filling 1500 words. Which is not normal for me.

I can’t wait to get this over with.

I love having leather shoes! What a difference it is compared to sneakers. Sneakers serve their purpose well enough, but I spend most of the day sitting down. I never knew how much better a good shoe can be. I’m a convert.