There was a poster I saw today for a piano concert on April 12th that looks like it could be really good. It’s an all Chopin concert. I don’t remember what pieces we’re on the menu, but I enjoy just about everything I’ve heard by him so I’ll try to see it.

Classes are finishing up now. I had my last Databases lecture today.

Another evening in the lab. This UI assignment is due at midnight, I almost have it finished now so I’ll stick it out till then and clean up my code a bit. I might post some screenshots of it, but it doesn’t look that impressive.

I’ve got another assignment due tomorrow that I am shafted for. It’s due at 5pm and I’ll have to see if I can finish it between classes tomorrow. It’s basically not started, and I don’t really know how to answer the questions either… could be bad.

I had a quick look at the apartments listed on the uw housing site. There was only about 2 places with 8 month leases. And a total of 24 listed for September. Hopefully people will post their places soon, I don’t want to have to apartment hunt over the phone during the summer.

Tomorrow is busy, but after 5 I can relax. I want to write an email to consilient tomorrow to get more details on the job. But after that I’m taking a breather, buy a bag of chips and watch some of the movies that I’ve been downloading all week. (Thanks James)