There were a few surprises today for me, even though I spent the day in my room studying for my upcoming exams. I found out that I have the 3rd highest mark in my databases course. That’s out of about 120 people. And I never used a database before doing this course. So I’ve impressed myself with that. The mark I have is 95.52% going into the exam.

The other thing that happened today was that the phone rang for me. That’s probably only the 3rd call I’ve gotten all term. Maybe the 2nd. Anyway turns out I missed a signature on my student loan form so I have to get fax another copy of it tomorrow.

I did a bit of learning today about using vim. It’s a text editor if you didn’t know. There’s lots of really powerful little things to know about it and every new thing that I can learn makes the editor even more usable. So I had some fun reading through the documentation for that program.

The stress from last week is wearing off now. I’ve got 2 French tests this week. All my other classes are over on either Monday or Tuesday. Then I get to spend my days finding an apartment and reading my texts.

I watched a bunch of movies last night.

Rabbit Proof Fence was alright, somewhat interesting, the camera work was exceptional

Big Fish was an absolutely fabulous movie. I’ll probably buy a copy of it sometime. Definitely one of my favorite movies of all time. An instant classic

Pirates of the Caribbean is a great film. Well acted, and an engaging storyline.

Tonight I’ll be watching intolerable cruelty. Another one of Jamie’s recommendations

I love having a good internet connection again!