Today had very mixed good and bad news.

Good news: the student loan is in my bank account so I’m now a rich student. ( why is it that I always get my money after school is over?)

Bad news: I’m not working for Consilient this summer. It seems they filled the positions. Damn.

So I’ll have to start concentrating on my business ideas again. And while I’m at it I’ll have to start sending emails out to all the companies I sent resumes to. Why couldn’t they make it easy for once?

That throws everything into doubt too, the motorcycle license, all the stuff I was planning on buying, how I’m paying for my last year, etc. At least I have money in the bank to get me though the summer.

It’ll give me plenty of time to develop my programming skills and work on some of my projects, do research, and work on some open source stuff. May as well build my resume. I’ll do some volunteer work while I’m at it.