Today I started my study of Statistics… nearly fell asleep the moment I opened my notes. My other accomplishment for the day was I cleaned my room for the first time this term. There was a lot of garbage lying around.. I started the process of boxing my stuff and getting it ready to be put in the mail.

I found out that Canada Post won’t pickup so I’m not too sure how I’m going to get my stuff to the post office. UPS might be the best way to send some of my stuff this time around and it doesn’t seem like it’s too much more expensive than post. The thing that’s worrying me the most is my bike. Sometime over the next few days I’m going to have to find a bike box and figure out how to get it back to my place. It might be a better idea if I could sell it but there isn’t much time for that, and it’s worth more to me than the cash value of it.

I’ve been thinking that for my last year I’m going to be leaving a lot of my stuff back home. I have amassed too much junk, and it just takes up space. So the computer and monitor will stay home, the stereo, my bike, most of my cloths, the blankets and plenty of other space takers will all be staying home next year.

What was the movie I watched last…. Oh. School of Rock. It was a lot of fun. Highly recommended.