Trudged through a bit more stats today. Things are not looking good. Honestly, for the first time I’m just wishing for a pass. Not that it’s hard but we covered too much and had too little experience solving problems with it. The concepts are not hard, but identifying them in a word problem is where I lose it. At least I have until Thursday to become an expert.

Still now luck with my job or apartment hunting.

I’m thinking about registering my business for this summer but I’m not too sure what the benefits are yet. I need to talk to some people about it, figure out my options and perhaps sketch out a business plan for the summer. I read an interesting article today on wired about how the VCs in Silicon Valley are still giving out lots of money or are expecting to give out more over the next few years. I also read about the guy that invented bittorrent, he worked on it from home by himself for about 2 years. Now businesses are sending him money.