Stats sucks. But I managed to get through most of the notes, unfortunately that doesn’t mean that I understand the material well. I’ve got another day to study it before the exam on Thursday morning. The last topic that I have to study is Continuously random variables. Fun times.

There’s not much in my room anymore. I packed up my computer and monitor the other day. Most of my books are boxed up. The last thing to do is get my bike packaged up before bringing everything to the post office to have it sent home. The bike is going to be hard to send because a bike box is not an easy thing to carry around. I’m thinking that if there is a post office close to the bike store I’ll bike down and dismantle my bike on the sidewalk. The only other choice is to take the box home on the bus. My room-mate has a trailer for his bike, I think I’ll see if I can use that to bring my stuff to the post office. Hopefully I can finish all of that after my exam on Thursday.

I’ve been listening to a lot more music recently. Lots of different things. I discovered a Linkin Park album that is excellent, I put some Buddy Rich back on my playlists, and I’m enjoying plenty of Chopin and Brahms, with a mix of Chemical Brothers. Right now I’m hooked on the song High Roller by the Chemical Brothers and Session by Linkin Park… Very catchy beats.

One thing that I’ve put off for a while is buying a motorcycle helmet and protective gear. I think that I’ll hold off some more until I get home and can consult with Mike. Since I’m almost certainly not going to be getting a motorcycle this summer there’s no rush to do anything regarding my permit. I’ll start that after I get home. There is one thing that bothers me though, which is that next summer I doubt I’ll be coming home. That means my permit will not be worth anything to me after this summer is over.

The other thing that has been on my mind lately is what I’m going to be working on this summer. I’ve thought about doing a real business, write up a business plan and follow it though. One of the nice things about starting my own business is that I can take a salary of $1 or something, and have all the money I make go back into the business. Then when I apply for another student loan I can say that I never made any money over the summer. I’m not really sure how the tax system works for businesses so I’ll have to talk to some people about that. Originally I thought the best place to work would be in the library at MUN 9-5 while jamie is doing his classes. Now I realize that that probably isn’t the best way to do things every day. With my TeamWork project being a network application it would be useful to have a few computers to develop it on. So I think that I’m going to have to put a nice big desk in my room and set up a good work area there.

With TeamWork, I’m thinking about another name because the way that my vision has developed over the months has changed enough that the program has become more general than just promoting teamwork. It’s now more of a presence application. So I want a name that explains the program as being there to create the idea that other people are in the same room as you. Possible ideas are: “Presence”, “Chamber”, “IMHere”. I’ve also been thinking about how to construct the program, and I think that it’s going to be trivial. A lot of the work is done in other projects already and so it’s more of an engineering project. Right now things are pretty clear in my mind of how I want to construct it, and I don’t think it’ll take more than a month to finish a decent prototype. The GUI is going to be the hardest part of the whole thing. If it only takes that long to do I’ll have to start working on other things.

One possible other project that I would like to work on is a movie script. I figure if I work on it seriously I could write something readable maybe even interesting. Then I can just send it to movie producers and directors for the hell of it. Plus having some really creative people around like Mike and Jamie will be good because I can bounce ideas off them to feel things out.

I’m going to have to do some brain-storming to figure out some more things to work on. I have to work to make sure that this summer is worthwhile in gaining experience.

Oh, and I’ll be doing a French course by distance too at a cost of $720.00. Seems like a ripoff to me. They charge more because I’m a Computer Science student, the arts people about 60% for the same thing. Explain to me how that’s fair. Guess I’ll graduate with a French certificate and a CS degree. Probably still won’t be able to find work.

It’s a long entry today because I’ve been building it all up at my apartment where I don’t have internet access.