The weather has been really great the last two days 15 deg. and sunny. That made it a little easy to get all my stuff in the mail. There was a bit of trouble with the bike because the box was too big but with some help from the guy at the post office I was able to cut down the box enough to have it fit the regulations for the biggest box that can be sent. The rest of my stuff I walked to the post office box by box using a bike trailer. In the end I sent 6 boxes of stuff at a total cost of about $210. I also got a bit of a sunburn from being out in the sun for so long.

Today and tomorrow I’m focusing on my Monday morning UI exam. I probably should have started looking at it earlier because I have other things that I want to think about now.

After the exam I’ll have 3 days to do some serious apartment hunting, get a bus ticket, and finish packing my stuff.

I watched a couple of movies, Kill Bill Vol. 1 was cool and funny, Knockaround guys was ehh, Timeline was a disappointment (it was also the first time that I had read the book before watching the movie), and Chocolat was a classic film I highly recommend it. As has become my custom I tend to copy the movies that I like the most to my computer, so I had a really nice copy of Kill Bill done and then I managed to copy over it when I did Chocolat. Oh well maybe I’ll have to rent it again sometime.