It’s only been one day since I’ve finished my school stuff for the term and I’m already bored and looking for something to do. Tonight I’m going to try to do some programming or brain storm for some money making ideas.

The good news is that I may have found a place for September. I still have to go have a look at it.

I was talking with John yesterday. There might be a nice place for me to rent for the summer on Paton St. $200/month + landscaping work. It’s close to MUN and closer to dt than Sheffield. Just need to see if I can find some work before I can sign into it.

There are people selling books in the student life building today boxes of them, mostly discarded library books from the local schools and libraries. I picked up a few French books and a travel guide; seemed worth the quarter I paid for each. The other thing that I have to look into is getting the French text for the distance course I’m taking this summer.