My French test went well today. I have another one tomorrow though. Then it’s study for my first CS exam on Monday. It’s not one that I’m looking forward to either and I anticipate a low mark in the course. Not that it’s hard, I just really don’t like the course so I have trouble convincing myself to pay attention in class, do the assignments and read the notes. Oh well, I’ll make sure I pass it anyway.

On Sunday I’m going to be focusing on Databases stuff, there’s a lot of stuff to cover. We went through basically the entire book of ~900 pages.

I’m still working on my laptop. Getting things set up on it takes a lot of time. I found out that there was a reason my battery life was so bad, I didn’t have the kernel modules loaded or the daemon running to regulate my processor frequency or spin down my hard disk. I’m doing some reading about how to get that working. But I think I’m going to have to upgrade my kernel to the latest stable 2.6.4 to get some of the latest fixes. It’s a bit of a hastily but I get to learn a lot more about some of the aspects of the hardware and kernel. That’s one of the things I enjoy so much about Linux.

The movie I watched last night was “A Midnight Clear,” not too bad but it never impressed me. The characters were flat, and the plot uneventful.

So I’m going to be self-employed this summer. Newfoundland sucks. Without a tech job this summer, I will be graduating next year without any experience in a tech company. That is not good news and means that when I start to look for a job next summer my expectations will have to be lower than most of the people I’m graduating with. That’s why if I’m not going to be doing a good tech job I’m going to be working in the library all summer on my own venture. There’s nothing that is going to prevent me from writing a killer 10,000 line program in 4 months. Just you wait and see. I just have to decide if I’m going to go through the process of registering a business and do that whole side of things or if I will just ignore that and do some programming/research.

I started doing some serious searching for an apartment. I found about 4 that might be ok, and I’m going to call about seeing those places tomorrow.