That exam went as expected. I never did very well. But I can expect to pass the course.

Tonight it’s a bit of relaxing and tomorrow I’m on to bigger and better things.

I finished my first mockup of teamwork earlier today. I think it really looks good. I’m thinking that things put on the list would be white listed locally so that there is the minimum amount of garbage filling it up, and to protect privacy. Theoretically though there could be an arbitrary list of things there. Anything for which there is a cluepacket coming… So the internet history, emails read, instant messages sent, etc. That makes it a very flexible program. Within a programming/business environment it could be tuned to keep good communication between team members, in a home environment it could be used to monitor children’s internet browsing in realtime, or friends could share info on the song they are currently listening to. Here it is:

I think I’ll probably do a couple more to explore some of the other possibilities.

I think I got a splinter in my tongue from a piece of celery today. Never expected that.