Getting back into my Blog, and back into the school routine. Everthing seems to be in order, and lots of things are happening now.. Which I like. There are several new buildings on campus.. I’ll get some pics in a couple of days. My room is great lots of space.. I got my own kitchen with a natural gas stove/oven, I still haven’t played pool, but the table looks like it’s snooker, so I’m going to have to look up the rules for that. The grocery store is a long walk away but there is a convince store across the street.

The plane ride in was uneventful… no exciting turbulence, no interesting people to talk to. Just enjoyed my music. I made a quick change of plans and instead of getting on the bus to DT T.O. I got on a van that dropped me off right at my door in waterloo… cost me $20 more than the busses but it was worth it.

Sunday I started my grocery shopping. got some stuff to fill all the cupboards that I have now. I took a picture of a crane that was in a pond on the way to the grocery store. I’ll put that up soon.

And finally today I started my classes. Everything seems to be in order. and I’m glad to be back learnin’.

I’m thinking I’ll get a cell phone tonight if possible.