Just biding my time before my next two courses. Thought I’d write a paragraph or two.

I went to the mall this morning and picked up the last couple of things that I needed to get for my place. I got a baking sheet and another knife, and a pillow. While I was at the mall I also picked up my new phone. It takes a long time to get a phone setup. But finally I have a phone that people can contact me on. If you want the number… too bad, you ain’t gettin it.

It’s still cooking outside, and I’m not really used to the temperature, so I feel kind of embarassed walking around school since I’m the only one sweating perfusely.

For the first time since I started going here I feel very much on top of things, I have everything I need… including enough money to get through the term. I got all the gadgets I want. I can afford to buy food. It feels great to be back here away from routine in St. John’s.

Mike sent me an email yesterday. seems he doesn’t want to go back to NL for Christmas, and that got me thinking about staying down here for the break and doing some travelling/exploring with him. There are so many things to do and places to go that I’m sure I could have a blast. Just an idea for now, but maybe after I flesh it out.

Still working on getting the pictures off my camera, and coding up a decent gallery page to view them on.