Real-time looks like it’s going to be an interesting course, lots of work involved. And they start the pace running so tonight I’m blocked with things to do. Tutorial on the first day, and assignment 1 is supposed to be tough, and is due in 10 days. Going to be a very interesting course.

the networks course seems easier than I thought. The prof just talked to us for 10 mins in the first class today, which was a dissapointment. They seem to have taken out the tcp/ip stack assignment, which I was looking forward to tackling. Instead there is an assignment to code up a basic router… should be fun.

I forgot to mention that I got a free camel-pack with my cell phone… an interesting promotion. Maybe I’ll try it out this weekend and go for a run.

I still have to buy a couple of books and catch up on my reading… crazy it’s only the 2nd day of class.