It’s strange having such an empty schedule. I slept in until 8, got up baked some muffins, did some homework/study/reading, went into school around 11:30, and surfed the net until class time.

The networks class is looking terribly easy, not what I would expect from a 4th year course. We’ve only had one class so hopefully they will turn it up a notch.

Lastly I just went to an employment session for Microsoft. I gotta say, they sure can sell themselves. I’ll definately be passing my resume along to them for a job when I finish. They gave away a free xbox, 5 copies of windows and 5 copies of Office. They flew 5 former UW students all the way from redmond to do two recruiting talks today. so they probably gave away 2 xboxes, 10 and 10 software products today. It’s crazy how much money they have.

I found out that blogger allows me to put ad-words up on my blog and get paid for everytime someone clicks on them. sounds good, so I think I’m going to set it up. Google is smart.