finished my one class for the day. Next up is working on my real-time assignment to get a clock to display, hopefully that should be done by the end of the day.

I’m planning on going for a run this evening. There is some construction around that I would like to explore. But tonight I think I’m going to be watching a movie on the laptop, or perhaps coding up some web things.

I started thinking more about getting back into working on my teamwork project. I still think it would be a really cool idea to develop. The neat thing is that both my distributed and networks courses are applicable to the program. It’s one of those things that I just have to jump into and get started on otherwise it’ll never get done. It’s also an excellent example of a piece of software that is innovative, so if I did actually get something put together it would help out my resume greatly.

At the Microsoft thing the other day one of the speakers mentioned that they don’t get snow in seattle, or in fact vancouver. And so I’ve come to the realization that I will not be going back to Newfoundland to live. As a rough estimate I realized that 20% of the days of the year there is snow to be shovelled. And looking at this year as an example… where there was 4 weeks straight of good weather + a few scattered nice days before and after, so another 20-30% of the year is nice. I wouldn’t settle with 20-30% in school why should I settle for it with weather. And so I’ve removed Newfoundland from my top 5 list of places to live.

I’ll try to put up my pictures today.

back to work