Spent the weekend in the lab working on my real-time assignment. It’s fun making the trains go around the track. Everything else has been put on hold for a bit while I play with the train set.

I think I’ll post some pics of the lab when I get a chance.

It’s another beautiful day here in waterloo… It’s been nice all week. Not that I’ve been able to enjoy it.

I still haven’t been able to find a way to connect my ipod up to Linux. It seems that the new generation of the ipod modified the fat32 to be non-standard and Linux refuses to read it. That’s at too low of a level for me to do anything with it without doing an excessive amount of hacking. I’ll just have to wait on it, and use windows to get at it.

I’ve had my phone for a week now, and I’ve only had one call.. from my cs partner.

I’m thinking now that I should have gone for the prepaid option.