Another day. Another post.

I read an interesting article today about how people are using bots to play poker and blackjack against the on-line casinos. it seems like a brilliant little scheme. I wonder how much money these guys are making by beating the casino. Imagine if you could put your win rate at 50.1% of the time and then run these bots on multiple casinos on multiple tables at the same time for weeks on end. I’m sure they’d have to send you a sizable check. Unless of course they discovered you were cheating…

The last couple of days I’ve been doing a bit of reading over and above my school stuff. Maybe I’ll talk about it sometime.

My new glasses arrived yesterday. The style is a definate upgrade from my previous ones. I’m really enjoying the straight arms. Of course i’d rather not have to wear any at all but I don’t have the dedication to fix my eyesight properly. (I know what your thinking… and yes it can be done, and no I’m not a crackpot)

K, I gotta go to my next class.