So today I came in early 8:30 to work on some documents for my real-time assignment and I got that almost done now. I’m just waiting now for my first class to start at 2:30.

I applied for a Googol adsense account so that I can put ads and a search bar onto my website. It should be interesting to see if anyone actually clicks on my ads. It seems that they have someone that will look at my site to see if it conforms to Google’s liking before actually letting me sign up.

I’ve been falling behind in my readings lately so this weekend may be particularly dull if I decide to catch up.

last night I was trying to get my laptop setup so that I could start working on my teamwork program. But Mono just doesn’t want to install for me. So I have to figure that out soon. Then I have to read another book on programming in C# because that’s what I want to write it in.